Buick: Not Your Grandma’s Car


Sporty Buick Regal GS

My grandmother always wanted a Buick. For a long, long time, Buick represented the top of the luxury brands. But when it was my turn to buy a car, I didn’t know much about Buick. That all changed on a family road trip last summer. Driving from New Jersey to Rhode Island to Massachusetts and back in a new Buick Regal GS courtesy of General Motors, I now know this high-tech sports sedan is definitely not a “Grandma car.”

When this beauty arrived in my driveway, I was pleasantly surprised. It was sporty, stylish, and comfortable. My kids were skeptical about the size of the car. They have space issues in our big Toyota 4Runner, after all. (Why has no car company yet created a divider that can be raised in the middle of the backseat?) Yet we were all amazed at the spacious feel of the Regal. The trunk was large and deep, offering plenty of room for everything we needed for a week-long road trip – pillow pets and all.

USB plugThe interior was as sweet as the exterior. I loved the dual climate control, since my husband and I rarely agree on optimal temperature. We enjoyed the Sirius satellite radio and quickly setup our favorites for quick flipping, but even better was the designed-in USB plug that allowed the kids to play their iPod playlists directly through the radio.

While visiting my Dad (a car guy who owns a Lexus and a Porsche), he gave the Buick the once-over and nodded approvingly, “That’s a sharp little car.” I’m not a car expert, but I know what feels good to drive and what makes my family comfortable. This car had great pick-up, nice and zippy for pulling out on a four lane highway like Route 1. We drove this car on the Interstate, to the beach, on a dirt road to a lakehouse, and through a National Park and Revolutionary War-era historical sites. We put her to the test and she passed with flying colors.


  1. That’s why it’s really important to feel the car first before buying it. You’ll never know if it’s going to fit your needs if you don’t experience the whole thing. And I’m glad that you liked Buick, I got mine 5 years ago and still running smoothly.. like the first time I drove it.

  2. I felt the same way! I have this image of a Buick as a huge tank of a car that has cigarette ashes in the center console and a pine tree hanging from the rear view!


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