A (Podcast) Star is Born

You may think travel is my first love, but there’s really nothing I enjoy more than fangirling and talking about TV and movies.

I watch a LOT of TV. And I used to be ashamed of that. Over the course of my adulthood, I’ve been told that watching TV wasn’t a worthy expenditure of my time. That most shows were trash and TV would rot my brain. But ultimately you couldn’t keep me away (though I did miss a lot of the 90s).

And finally, I embraced my love of entertainment. I eagerly consume movies and series, sometimes for hours a day. I go to fan conventions and pay exorbitant amounts of money to meet, and take photos with, celebrities. And I’m probably *this close* to entering cosplay contests.

I wanted to find a way to turn my love of binge-watching into something useful. My dream is to be the next Chris Hardwick. But for now, starting a podcast is my first step toward stardom.

Stinger: The Entertainment PodcastIntroducing Stinger: The Entertainment Podcast

Last spring, I met Fadra Nally at the New York Auto Show. We are both bloggers writing about cars, travel and entertainment. But when we started discussing our celebrity stalking escapades, I said to her, “You are my people.”

After an evening of exhilarating conversation, wine, and some sort of weird oxygen bar, we knew we needed to share our passion with the world. We set a date, did our research, and finally… {drumroll}… Stinger: The Entertainment Podcast has launched!

In our first podcast episode (listen here – go now, I’ll wait!), I had an epiphany. As Fadra and I talk about all things entertainment, we get to know each other better. And that leads to an understanding of what movies and TV series the other will truly enjoy. For example, while discussing the movie Flatliners, Fadra knew I’d love Netflix’s The OA (which I am voraciously consuming right now!).

And that’s exactly what we all want, right? To find someone who will suggest new shows and movies we will love – and then fangirl (or fanboy) over them with us! If you want to get in on that action, we’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast and join the conversation in our Facebook group. We want to talk with you about your entertainment obsessions. And if you’re a superfan, we might even have you as a guest on the podcast! You can also keep up on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

So please give us a listen, subscribe, and share with your friends.

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