Fitness Friday: My Favorite Green Juice Recipe


healthy green juice recipeYes, this is a travel blog, but I’m discovering that travel and adventure is largely dependent on being healthy and fit. So in line with my resolution to get healthier and lose weight this year, I’m starting a new feature here on the blog called Fitness Friday. I’ll share with you my experiences with exercise, food, meditation, and all things wellness.

I love juicing and that feeling of energy coursing through my body when I drink a fabulous green juice. Juicing allows your body to instantly absorb nutrients without your body having to work to digest the fiber. I’ve been trying a bunch of recipes and this one is my favorite so far. Lots of greens, not too sweet, and so delicious. This recipe makes a lot of juice – about 48 oz. Keep it in air-tight mason jars in the fridge and you’ll have enough to share with family or last you 2-3 days (I don’t recommend keeping fresh juice beyond 3 days).

1 bunch of kale, stems removed
10 oz. bag of spinach
1/2 bunch Romaine lettuce
2 cucumbers
2 pieces of celery
3 green apples
1 cup parsely
1/2 cored, peeled pineapple

Wash all produce and run it through your juicer. Enjoy!



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