Thankful for Marriage, Challenge, and Skiing at Squaw Valley


Ski-in ski-out Starbucks at Squaw Valley resort“Are you #@!$ kidding me?” I cried to my husband of just one week. I was terrified, even though he assured me I’d skied more challenging terrain before and would make it down from the precipice.

That was nearly 20 years ago, and such has been our skiing relationship ever since. Our blissful honeymoon in Lake Tahoe was followed by season after season with him challenging me on the slopes, and me fighting it. But I admit that it has made me a better skier. This winter, we’ll return to Tahoe for our 20th wedding anniversary – this time we’re staying for 10 weeks instead of 10 days.

Read on for 10 reasons I’m thankful to be skiing in Lake Tahoe this winter.

Photo credit: Global X


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