Two UnCommon Gifts for Travelers

UnCommon Goods SpyLens
The SpyLens lets you take photos to the side without anyone knowing!

Whether you need a gift for the travel-lover in your life, or perhaps you want to get something fun for yourself or your kids before your next adventure, UnCommon Goods is a great place to start.

One product I love is the smartphone Spy Lens. This makes an awesome gift for the tween or teen – you know, the one who gives you attitude about activities while traveling?  Set them up with this spy lens and watch how much fun they have. I had to wrestle the phone away from my daughter when I let her try it out!

The lens attaches to your smartphone with a magnetic ring. It comes with four self-adhesive rings (in case you want to use the lens with multiple phones) that easily stick around your phone’s camera lens. Just magnetically attach the spy lens and you can sneak photos at a 90-degree angle. It looks like you’re just looking at your phone, but you’re spying on the people next to you.

Spy Lens from UnCommon Goods

The lens does obscure the camera a bit, but I didn’t find it too troublesome. You can see the lines on the top and bottom of this photo, which are easy to edit out. At a price point of $20, this is a fun gift for any traveler. And there are loads more creative gifts for men and women on the UnCommon Goods web site.

Partial obstruction of spy lens.

Another product I love is the Travelogue journal – ideal for someone who is taking the trip of a lifetime. It comes with eight scratch-off maps (covering the whole world) and a book with a travel checklist, pages for planning your trip, and lots of space for journaling. I’ll be using mine when I take my first trip to Europe.

Travelogue by UnCommon Goods

UnCommon Goods is a privately-owned retailer that makes it their mission to support and provide a platform for artists and designers; in fact, half of what they sell is made by hand. Most of the products they carry are created right here in the USA, and about one-third of their entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials.

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Disclosure: I was given a credit at UnCommon Goods to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and I shop there regularly on my own!


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