Why I’m NOT Traveling This Summer


It’s summer and it seems like everyone is talking about vacations, road trips, family outings, camping, beaching, etc. While your to-do list might include a glass of wine and toes in the sand, mine includes exercise, eating healthy, and getting a handle on this job called travel writing.

I’ve spent the past year focusing on travel writing, networking, and fleshing out my POV. And my work has paid off tremendously. I’ve made some solid contacts and met some kindred spirits. I’ve loved the traveling. I am happy in a car, in a plane, or on a boat. I feel at home in hotels. I love to site-see or just wander through a new town asking the locals where to eat. I can pack in a snap and I’m always ready to go. When I come home, I am often depressed and cranky and can’t wait to get out again. Until about a week ago. Then I hit the wall.

Windswept and tiredAfter traveling for part of almost every week since the middle of March, I am ready to just be home. I never thought it would happen. When business travelers told me how exhausted they were, I nodded sympathetically while thinking to myself, “Well, they have to travel alone and work. I usually get to bring my kids and we have fun!” Until we don’t.

Until that one time when I thought I was so on top of my game and I severely over-scheduled my time and ended up at an ice cream shop with two overwhelmed children, an itinerary with lots of things scratched off, and a map.

So I’m taking the summer off and forcing myself to step away from the steering wheel.

Besides being burnt out, there are other reasons I won’t travel this summer. I prefer traveling any season over summer. It’s hot, most places are crowded, and there’s more traffic. I’ve also eaten way too much good food. I have not run, and barely exercised, since March. I had run two half-marathons between November and March. I finally felt comfortable calling myself a runner.  Time to get back on that wagon.

I’m fully in love with travel writing. And that’s really the main reason I need to take a break from traveling for a couple months. It’s time to get the writing part done. I’m looking forward to reliving the past few months and telling my stories. You can have your sand, your amusement parks, your road trips. I’ll take a tall glass of iced coffee and my laptop at home by the pool. I’ll exercise and work on a balance. Then I’ll be back on the road in the fall.


  1. Good for you! We are going on a few trips, but I also love staying close to home during the summer–that’s when it’s best here in Seattle, and what we wait for all year! Enjoy getting back to your “routine” and have fun diving into all that writing!

  2. I think I understand you. This year I don’t want travelling. I have a cottage house so there I spent next three weeks. :-)


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