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Best Netflix Shows to Watch With Your Teen

Binge-watching a good TV series is a fantastic way to spend time with your teen and spur meaningful conversation. Here’s a list of my top Netflix shows for teens and parents to watch together.

best shows to watch with your teens

Avengers: Infinity War Reactions and Podcasts

If you’re a real nerd, you probably enjoy reading reviews, listening to reactions, and talking about a movie after you see it. So as I was scouring the web for Avengers: Infinity War reactions, I collected these resources to share with you.

A (Podcast) Star is Born

Finally, an entertainment podcast that will suggest new shows and movies you’ll love – and then fangirl (or fanboy) over them with you!

Stinger Entertainment Podcast

7 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Jedi, superheroes, reboots, and a live-action remake of a Disney classic. Here are my most anticipated movies of 2017 – and why I can’t wait to see them.

Beauty and the Beast - most anticipated movies on 2017