Visiting the Georgia Guidestones: A Mysterious Roadside Attraction

Standing alone in a field in the middle of rural Elbert County, Georgia, the Georgia Guidestones monument features six granite slabs with ten commandments. But not the Ten Commandments. So what is written on the Georgia Guidestones and what do they say about our global future? Read on.

Georgia Guidestones

People wonder if the Georgia Guidestones really exist because the message inscribed on the granite monolith seems too horrific to believe. Conspiracy theorists point to its writings and its mysterious origin story as proof of a globalist plot to reduce the world population, eliminate national sovereignty, and replace individual rights with a communist dictatorship, among other plans.

The Guidestones consist of four, tall, stone slabs. These slabs surround a central slab and a final slab sits on top of them all as a capstone. Slits in the center slab and capstone direct the sunlight at key dates and times to function as a calendar, compass and clock.

The guidelines are inscribed in eight different languages: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. In addition, Egyptian hieroglyphics and classical Greek are written into the capstone.

The commandments promote a dystopian, post-apocalytpic, globalist, or New World Order Illuminati message, depending on your perspective. And the authors of the message are anonymous.

Georgia Guidestones Text

Here is what is written on the Georgia Guidestones:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

text on georgia guidestones

Who would argue with prizing truth, beauty and love? Or leaving room for nature? But who could accept the goal to reduce global population to an arbitrary 500 million? The global population today is estimated at 7.8 billion, which means the people who erected this megalith want to kill off 7.3 billion people.

It is this seeming absurdity that causes otherwise smart people to ignore or dismiss the obvious intent of this statement. But current events offer a reason to pause and consider. Is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the pandemic to kick off this depopulation goal? Is there a nuclear holocaust in our future? Perhaps World War III while the ruling elite wait it out in their underground bunkers?

It’s important to understand the meaning of these messages between the lines. Keeping the population in balance with nature presupposes that a population over 500 million somehow puts nature out of balance. Yet are people not part of nature?

And just what does nature “in balance” look like? The guidelines also suggest that people are a cancer on the earth. By who’s determination? This also requires that reproduction be prevented, except under the direction and control of the ruling class. 

Guidestones to Reason?

A marker at the Guidestones states, “Let these be guidestones to an age of reason.” Let’s examine some more of their “reasonable” message.

ground marker

Guiding reproduction wisely seems acceptable on the surface but it means stripping people of their natural right to reproduce. Having children would become a privilege in their new world order.

“Improving fitness” refers to genetic engineering, and, conversely, to preventing the birth of babies who may not appear perfect. This is eugenics – determining who may be inferior by race, religion or other criteria and killing them off outright or by preventing them from reproducing.

The fourth message about controlling passion with reason seems sensible enough. However, it means that religions are not only to be subservient to science but that religions are to be banned outright, just as in U.S.S.R., China and other communist regimes.

Similarly, traditions are devalued along with knowledge of history. New is to be deemed better – because, science. Except that it doesn’t mean science – it means science that’s approved by the ruling elite.

The fifth and sixth points refer to laws and courts. Most people want the protection of fair laws and just courts. In truth, these points set the structure for the one world government being pushed by the United Nations (UN).

Today’s countries would be stripped of their sovereignty and become subservient to the world court. People who haven’t researched this issue often scoff but this has already happened in the European Union and is a core tenet of the USMCA that President Trump recently signed. 

Georgia Guidestones

Balancing rights with social duties may be the clearest demand for a global, socialist dictatorship. We enjoy rights because we exist, not because a person working in a government position gives us rights. And no one working in government or in any other position has any right to require any “social duties” of anyone.

Their meaning is to require an undefined amount of time and labor of everyone to support the state. Some Americans may think it would be just fine to contribute to the well being of others even if by force, and that volunteering brings joy. This is not voluntary. This is toil at gunpoint. And anyone who fled a socialist regime and came to America would slap you silly for the naivete.

Who Created the Georgia Guidestones?

Just who are these people behind Georgia’s Stonehenge who want to kill off 94 percent of the people on Earth? To this day, the true owners and financial backers have not been publicly disclosed. And that’s a bit scary.

In 1979, a man using the pseudonym of “Mr. Christian” hired Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the monument. It was commissioned on behalf of a “small group of loyal Americans” who wanted to remain anonymous. The stone workers, bankers and other vendors were sworn to secrecy.

The monument was unveiled in 1980. A ground marker west of the Guidestones provides additional data and covers a buried time capsule.

Today, the mysterious Georgia Guidestones are owned by Elbert County and a surveillance camera monitors all the comings and goings. 

How to Get to the Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones are set on an ordinary, grassy hill just off Highway 77 in Elberton, GA. It’s a scenic 2 hour drive northeast from Atlanta. The site is located at 1031 Guide Stones Road, Elberton, GA. Admission is free and parking is available.

Why did the owners choose this rural location to build this proclamation? Perhaps they wanted to slowly, subtly introduce these concepts to the unsuspecting masses. Maybe some day the mystery behind its origins will be revealed.

If you are a fan of roadside attractions, or mysterious, dystopian writings, you’ll be fascinated by your visit to the Georgia Guidestones. Add it to your Georgia road trip itinerary!

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64 thoughts on “Visiting the Georgia Guidestones: A Mysterious Roadside Attraction”

  1. Hi.i’m from Iran.
    I was looking for this story and I found your site.
    Which sect are you on? Killuminati or illuminati?
    I’ll happy join our team if you want (killuminati)

      1. Ummmmmm. Supporting the snuffing out of a few BILLION people sorta makes it evil. Lol.

        1. shelly culver

          the freemasons… organization in GA and would have the wealth and intelligence to erect such a monument to there order.

      2. There is a very small group of people, who gained their wealth by enslaving others and possessing the treasures of earth and beyond.
        They won’t show themselves, because the crowd would hate them. They don’t care for poor, they don’t worship the creator. There is no humanity left in them.
        They live in rich palaces with golden stairs, they choose what country to be wiped out from the face of planet.
        Their throne’s base is put on blood of innocents, their names are hidden in the vast halls of governments, they kill masses like sheep, and they have encountered the earth with the last battle of good and evil.
        These enemies are hidden, but their ideologies are everywhere. They serve their monster master Satan (in Arabic Sheytan (the one Allah said in Quran that “has sworn to mislead humans”)).
        As so-called (misleaded) “Illuminati” call him Seth (same old Egyptian god).
        The Pharaohs of our time…
        The evidences are so well, that even knowing them personally, wouldn’t convince more.

        This is no theory anymore. It is Real.

  2. It seems your interpretation is too severe, lacks perspective and unfair. The guidelines are subject to other interpretations based on a more fair, wiser meaning for some of the words. This is about Free Speech, and a group of individuals who wanted to more permanently express their beliefs and guidance. The stone doesn’t mean that people need to be killed. If the planet has a goal of reducing population that can be met over time while increasing quality of life and diversity. This was posted in 1980 before more than 2 billion more people were added. It’s easy to reduce population by reducing births. We still have many women having 5-10 children. One would think the Climate Change folks would love the message in these stones. The shut downs, closures, martial law and house arrest has drastically reduced pollution, smog and increased blue skies and cleaner air. A more balanced population on the Earth would make that permanent. It might take 50 to 100 years to reduce the population on the Earth significantly, but it would be a start n the right direction. Fitness is health and strength not AI and Genetic Engineering. Remember when gyms were called Fitness Centers? As for the existence of courts, today and for months now, California doesn’t have one state court that isn’t shuttered and closed. There is no access at all to any justice or judicial system in California. Who gets to decide that schools, libraries and courts should be closed? Who decides what is “essential” services? Who gets to decide what businesses will be forced closed? Why are government employees paid even when the government is shut down and there are no services.

      1. You cancer cell, you should go ahead and kill yourself for the betterment of the world.

        1. Agreed. Having 7.3B people killed off and becoming an insignificant gnat on the rear of some government official who decides what you do and how you develop as a person – that all sounds very reasonable. So good for the earth!

        2. Agreed. Having 7.3B people killed off and becoming an insignificant gnat on the rear of some government official who decides what you do and how you develop as a person – that all sounds very reasonable. So good for the earth!

        3. I totally agree! Plutocrats have stolen and enslaved since they emerged. We need to have a “French Revolution” and a guillotine ready for all those who think we have the right to kill and control humans, a recurring theme of the rich and powerful and crazy.

      2. WokeRNmommy

        Then my reasonable suggestion is that you kill all your family members and then yourself. Thanks for contributing to the betterment of society!

        1. This article is extreme and ridiculous. Just because you interpret these writings as some kind of new world order doesn’t make it true. Next time make it clear that these are your interpretations of what YOU think the writing means because you have know idea if that’s what the intentions were or not.

      3. I agree with you, Mr K.

        Although, I’m not thrilled at the first statement either, but the remainder of the statements are not unreasonable.

        It all depends on the perspective you take on them.

        I believe that the author’s perspective is extremely biased in a negative and unduly harsh way.

        There’s nothing in those statements that could lead one to read into them such a negative slant unless your mind is already bent in a fear-based way.

        I view those statements more as telling us that we need to exercise more self-discipline in our choices. As I see it, society in general has become far too undisciplined, right down to expressing such unwarranted and nasty comments as those expressed below. After all, one of the Guideposts is “Rule Passion, Faith, Tradition and All Things with Tempered Reason” which means to exercise self-control over your emotions (anger, for example) and to “think before you speak” (tempered reason) so that you give your mind a chance to exercise a wise choice of words that don’t cut but that help edify or clarify a situation without tearing down another for the exercise of their opinion.

        Self-discipline yields choices that positively affect health. Balanced reason considers the self and the others (we’re talking here about the Golden Rule in essence or the 2nd Commandment). This is also the reference to “Balanc[ing] Personal Rights with Social Duties”. In fact, that is what we are being called upon to do now through this CoVid threat, and look how much difficulty we’re seeing just trying to get everyone to wear a simple mask (a simple personal action, using “tempered reason”) to limit exposure (to ourselves from others and from others to us) of a highly contagious virus.

        Also according to those edicts, Countries would maintain their sovereignty, but decisions or disagreements that would impose one country’s rights over another’s to go in an seize control of resources, for example…things of this nature where one tries to enforce its’ “muscle” over another’s people or resources, would be a big no-no and dealt with by a body (I would gather) similar to the United Nations.

        If you think about it, these “Guidestones” are at their core, similar if not the same as the Commandments laid out in most of the world’s religions.

        And when it comes to faith, it means being balanced (against fanatacism, not belief itself) with reason (not meaning necessarily “science”). Even Jesus did not discount the use of reason to question the edicts of man. And it does tell us to “Prize Truth, Beauty, Love, Seeking Harmony with the Infinite” which is the reference to God.

        So, if your take on these edicts is one that leans toward a totalitarian or communistic slant, then that’s your fear showing forth, and you should think of healing that part of yourself that’s been injured, and stop being so nasty to people like Mr. K (and possibly me) who see things in a more optimistic light than you.

        Having said that, now, of course, some of society’s powerful and super wealthy individuals (like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Kim Jung Un, Vladimir Putin, etc.) are the ones who can and often do get out of hand with their “egos” to want to impose their views and wills on the rest of us. :( And for that, just like in those high suspense “thriller” espionage conspiracy-type movies that we’ve seen, it’s not beyond reason to be fearful of such people and events. And for certain, if your bent is on how to control and manipulate people and society, then people like Bill Gates et al. will find ways to use these guidepost edicts to their advantage.

        1. You might want to talk with some one who has lived in a communist country. Prospective is as you say very important. You sound like a nice person. You like butterflies and unicorns. Life is not butterflies and unicorns.
          Second, there are ALWAYS people who want to change the world to what THEY think is better. There are those of us who like the world like it is and there are those of us who know this world is about to be destroyed by a meteor that has been headed here for 10 years and will destroy the planet in 10 years. We need to go!

        2. This is the most reasonable and well thought out comment I have seen in a very long time.

        3. shelly culver

          the freemasons… organization in GA and would have the wealth and intelligence to erect such a monument to there order.

        4. Jane Phillips

          Honestly, u make that statement with no idea of who the people that erected the stones are and what their agenda is. Look up the 13 blood lines of the Illuminati,these families run the world. The Bildaburgs, the Rothschilds. They truly believe they are born of Satan’s dna. I know it sounds ludicrous but do your research b4 dismissing it. Global warming is the biggest deception to mankind in the 20th century. And they convinced u of this so Sheeple will actually defend their depopulation plans… Honestly you are absolute gold to these people doing their work for them even! Scientists will tell u that the global warming actually benefits most species, thats why the Amazon is such a thriving diversity of life. Yes some species will lose out like the polar bear but that’s just how its always been. These families who own ALL the media, ALL the banks, All the politicians, All big pharma regard you and I as tax paying cattle. If uf like to research a good place to start is reading the book by Bill Cooper who paid for his book with his life called “Behold, a pale horse”. As God is my judge these powerful families worship satan, they have one plan and that’s the destruction of the family unit, of marriage, of religion, and they manufacture major crises’ to take control…their mantra is “Order out of chaos”. I know it all sounds fantastical which is exactly what they rely on, and I was exactly the same, but having done my research its absolutely terrifying who is in control and just how many Sheeple are completely oblivious to what’s going on. All I ask b4 u dismiss what I say as ludicrous is just look up the 12 or 13 I think it is blood lines of the Illuminati. It tells u how these families truly beleive they are born of satan, only marry within their blood lines like the Rockefellas, Rothschilds, Bildaburgs, Vanderbilts, Dupont family… Who’s son was just charged with having full penetrative sex with his 3 year old daughter… And bcz all the judges, law makers, lawyers, attorneys, presidents, heads of state are all members of the free Masons which don’t believe e in Christ but satan are all in on it, its so corrupt that the heir to the dupont fortune who raped his daughter didn’t even get a prison sentence. He got 5 years probation bcz the judge says “he wouldn’t fare very well in a prison”! What abt the childs right to justice for gods sake? Anyone else would be doing 10 yrs minimum. Just do some research and I highly doubt you’ll see the guide stones in the same light ever again

          1. Excellent… you nailed!!! So glad others are waking up
            Stay well

          2. the freemasons would have the money the skills and they are heavily present in Georgia… and they lead back to everything you mentioned

    1. We don’t have 50 or 100 years to reduce the population. Even with covid 19 taking out so many people the population is still rising fast.,….check it out. More people equals more pollution, the planet is having the life squeezed out of it. We are just as much a virus to the planet as covid is to us

        1. Typical comment from someone who don’t engage there tiny brain with there mouth. You dont deserve clean air to breathe

        2. Kate it would be better for all of us if you took your own advice and rid the world of such a nasty person. Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t mean that you have the right to demand that they kill them selves.

        3. DAVE SCOTT


      1. WokeRNmommy

        Billy boy Gates with zero medical education or training will help accomplish this goal with his devil juice aka Covid-19 vaccine. Billions will line up to eagerly have it injected into their unsuspecting body. The sheep will be slaughtered for their blind trust & loyalty. So sad👀

      1. Agenda 21 now called Agenda 2030. New world order. Will always seem reasonable – at first.

    2. Kathy Porter

      you are missing the fact that this group intends to rule in a totalitarian way, all the people of earth. They will be unelected and your interests are of no interest to them. It will be the Chinese formula, Country first, or in this case, the global interest first. And any individual, as in China now, is irrelevant and expendable.
      The marketing is easy. It says that all mankind will be ONE, happy, and united. Sooo nice. Sweet. But if you in particular have a need, if that need doesn’t fit with the global expectation, then you will be ignored or in some cases die or be killed. Known otherwise as Murder. In Russia, the dissenters to communist rule or methodology were killed in the millions (by Stalin) or sent to Siberia. The Ukraine was simply allowed to starve to death and reporters who tried to report it were threatened until they agreed to write the “TRUTH” as presented by the Party. Under any totalitarian rule, like communism, no individual can be allowed to contaminate the ‘people’ with their ‘distorted and treasonous’ words. We already are practicing that in America now. The media and the social media today blatantly disallow and remove all words that are not in the allowed common thought. Facebook, YouTube, etc, just remove the offending material right now. So we are halfway there.

      So that would be the future of this beautiful utopian vision.

      And that is never mentioned, because people so want to believe in it.

      I love America because it will always be free. Each individual will be his own master and be respected in the eyes of the law and in the core beliefs of the nation. Human rights . Globalism does not include human rights. It simply cannot fit or be allowed, or the system will fail. Globalism requires that all cooperate with the given dogma and laws.

      And they, the globalists, are behind the Democrat party right now. They have ‘designed and trained’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the few others who have taken over the party. They are funded by Soros, a key globalist king.
      So, remember, the result would be no elected officials. Just ‘great men’ who know what you need better than you do. Just like Stalin did, and the rulers of the Communist Party of China.
      And believe me, some will be allowed to procreate, and some WON’T. And remember, you have no individual rights.

      This isn’t printed on the stones. How they get there isn’t revealed. But it is known by those who are the elites of the very secret movement. Soros, Gates and others. And they are not patient in waiting for the reduction in population. Pandemics and major wars are the method.. Begin your research. Once they take over, it’s too late. And they are more than half way there.

      1. This is not about America…it’s about the world. Would you not want Peace on Earth?

    3. Brenda Peterson

      I would like to have you on my team. Seems you have a way with words and kinda get the big picture.

    4. I totally agree with Susan Lea. The theory given by the author is very narrow minded. Try to use an open-mind, not a narrow or closed one.

    5. Hello, you walking bag if dookie. If I claimed to be elite, and commanded you to obey me, would you? Of course not! Yet walking turds like you think you have to obey other bags of walking turds because (((they))) claim to be elite!… What fools people are to think a walking bag of feces has any legitimate authority over another. No grown person has legitimate authority over other grown person and never have! KILLUMINATI!

    6. just wanted to let you know susan they decided you and all your extended family members will be in the first lot to check out. bye and thank you for being so cooperative they said. earth appreciates your sacrifice.

    7. jonathan allen

      so Im going to let some anonymous cowards tell my children whether they can or cant have children and so on? What gives anyone the right to deny another human being of the ability and right to have children and if they arent trying to stop people from having kids, how do you suppose they will make their population a reality? Have any of you idiots who think these stones are reasonable, read the Coven Of The Illuminati? You should, it says the exact same things and then some, like the real agenda and the real plans to come. I say hell no, and if you agree, you can be the first to be depopulated.

    8. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight eugenics not so bad maybe 100 years we get it down 6.5 billion. You have just politely said let’s get rid of most of the human race.

  3. Death will come to millions in a syringe. Gates and co will profit from the billions to be made selling unsafe vaccines to global governments. It’s the reason they don’t care about the economy. There will be so few people left.

  4. RC Christian

    People are so extreme. This was done in 1980 in the middle of the cold war. There was a real and perceived threat of a global nuclear war. The estimates believed that if a Nuclear holocaust happened that only 10- 15% of the world would survive. The people who built this showed true concern… and without the misstep of the population calculation, this was a great feat.

    Who built it. It’s hidden right in the open by the name. RC Christian. In the Rosicrucian tradition. Christian Rosenkreutz. Rosen “Red” Kreutz ” Cross”. Red Cross the symbol for Knights Templar. I would imagine this was built by the Atlanta Chapter of the AMORC.

    And for those who keep idiotically mentioning Illuminati. The word is indicative of status, not an organization. It literally means enlightened… no different than in Buddhism or Hinduism. This, of course, is leaning toward Western Mysticism which is just a westernized version of the original eastern mystics.

    There are Illuminati in each of these “not so secret anymore” organizations. There are Illuminati who never entered a society.

    Read, Learn, and Break the hell out of your Bubble. To your eventual enlightenment

    1. This is spot on. These stones are called the Guidestones, they were placed there to guide survivors of a global apocalypse. They were not put there to instruct men to kill off the population. These stones were put there because the person(s) who funded it felt that was where mankind was heading regardless either by their own hand or by a force of nature or universe.

      I have visited this site, it is intriguing . We did a long road trip just to get a look at it. I suggest doing it before the mouth breathers get their way and tear yet another thing down because it upsets them.

      There are more than just the commandments, the stones have been positioned so you can tell time date, in order to establish a calendar again, as the article brought out.

  5. Wake up America! This takeover of our American way of life is at stake! These people have been at it since they killed off JFK in the 60’s! THESE PEOPLE HATE YOU AND ME. We have to be pure in heart and love thy neighbors to beat them at their own game! Killing off 7 billion human beings should be your first clue that they’re not going to back down unless we fight for ourselves! I wish all Americans would stop being controlled and THINK! It’s right in front of us…if you love God, your Country, your family and fellow Americans you might have to defend it like our brave forefathers did and I pray we have their courage and hope for peace on earth. God bless America and all her people!

  6. Mother Earth will protect herself. She will destroy mankind if necessary before we destroy her.

  7. Hello, you walking bag if dookie. If I claimed to be elite, and commanded you to obey me, would you? Of course not! Yet walking turds like you think you have to obey other bags of walking turds because (((they))) claim to be elite!… What fools people are to think a walking bag of feces has any legitimate authority over another. No grown person has legitimate authority over other grown person and never have! KILLUMINATI!

  8. The Georgia Slabs. To the cull supporters, the planet can support 12-14 billion right now. There is no urgency, just greed and the globalist agendas of the immorally, usually criminally wealthy avoid everyone being housed, fed and educated properly.
    Education is the best birth control. The Satanists in GB, IL and the UN governed US that keep the 3rd world in poverty and selected more advanced anti Zionist countries (Libya, Syria, Palestine etc. and now America) in conflict and chaos in pursuit of regime change for profit and geopolitics, against the wishes of those countries’ majority, are the true enemies of humanity.
    The slabs read like globalist ambition as pursued by counterfeit Jews (Khazar descendants like Rothschilds) and their allies, the Black Nobility represented by the misanthropic Bilderberg outfit that was created (along with the CFRs) by the Pilgrims.
    Pushed to blame some gang, I’d choose the Pilgrims as the commissioners of the slabs. I’d also elect to have them reduced to dust, if I was given the choice.
    The slabs should be regarded as an incitement to do violence against the eugenicists that were too cowardly to reveal themselves as the authors.

  9. shelly culver

    Freemasons are linked back as far as Egyptian times and now consist of the usual rich white men that started this country. Look into fall of Cabal… ties to Kabbalah RC Christian follow the website… classes begin online 2020. Ties to magic Alistaire Crowley follow the rituals and ties to the democratic party.
    youtube.. out of shadows… wake up people if reagan hadn’t ended the cold war which is when this was built where would we be… there’s a time capsule buried under the stones.

  10. shelly culver

    Do the research FREEMASONS!! Rockefeller… Rothchilds…. Bill Gates! pizzagate … the owners name translated means I love infants… It all links up!! Its all esoteric… please this isn’t rocket science.

  11. These stones were erected to be discussed and debated, their message is not to be taken literally nor to be accepted as the one guide, but rather to instigate forward thinking to produce a future worth living in and a lifestyle worth living. Answer these questions to resolve your state of mind… “How would you erect such monumental stones?” and more importantly “What words would you create for others to decipher to instigate and project a perfect world offering its bounty and abundance, for all people living on this planet called Earth, to share in a harmonious manner, that lasts till death do us part or for eternity should we be so lucky to travel beyond its heavenly boundary?” I feel this has been achieved after reading the comments? Perhaps in time another will be erected with words of wisdom, for some other purpose. It is ones actions that determine their destiny. So Sha.

  12. Well as of 10/04/2020, humans are destroying themselves with 1 Million People Have Died from the Coronavirus Worldwide with More Than 33 Million Global Cases. Then we have natural catastrophes, were we are responsible for the increase in numbers. It won’t be long till we reach those engraved numbers: 500,000,000. Were did we go wrong?


  13. Humanity is way out of balance with nature, with individual nations, with opposing ideologies, etc. The message in these guide stones are meant for the survivors of the eventual demise of our “consume and waste” global society. Whether you are devoutly religious or atheist, you can see the need for “Less”. I think the stones closely resemble a belief system based on sharing of the earths bounty, much like many of the first nation peoples before they were murdered by foreign invasion.

    1. It seems that many of you, on both sides seem to hate. The thing to remember is that Satan will come in as a Peacemaker, so many will be deceived into thinking he is Christ. Jesus comes after Satan and will cleanse the Earth, of all Evil. Then the Earth will be clean for those who have accepted the Lord God. Jesus teaches love, what do you propose to be about? The truth is we don’t know how the Guidestones are supposed to be seen. The rest of the truth is that it may be too late when we do.

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