Filming Locations You Can Travel To

TV and movies can inspire you to visit beautiful locations. It might be an incredible, epic scene from Game of Thrones, Outlander, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings that makes you wonder, “Where was this filmed and can I go there in real life?”

I’m here to tell you that in many cases, yes you can!

I got hooked on traveling to filming locations and it’s my mission to share these locations with you, along with all the details you need to know to build a great vacation or road trip around your visit.

Welcome to Mystic Falls sign.

The Vampire Diaries

Fans of The Vampire Diaries can visit the real-life “Mystic Falls” – aka Covington, GA. See the clock tower, Mystic Grill, Elena’s house and more!

Missouri Belle filming location


The Netflix series Ozark is set in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, but it’s filmed in Georgia. Here are details, photos, and addresses so you can visit where Ozark is filmed!

Alexandria from The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead

For any serious fan of The Walking Dead, taking a pilgrimage to Senoia, GA is a must. These Walking Dead filming locations and tours are so much fun and you’ll leave an even bigger fan than you already are!

Hawkins School from Stranger Things

Stranger Things

If you’re wondering where Stranger Things is filmed, follow this itinerary to take your own road trip to Stranger Things filming locations near Atlanta, GA.

Tour guide for Superhero Tour of NYC.


Take the Super Tour with OnLocation Tours to see the real Marvel filming locations where Spider-Man, the Avengers, Jessica Jones and more saved the day!


Game of Thrones

From Ireland to Croatia to Spain, there are several places you can visit to tour iconic Game of Thrones filming locations.

Baby's Cabin Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing

Visit Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, VA – aka “Kellerman’s Resort” – and take their free, self-guided walking tour to see all the iconic Dirty Dancing filming locations.

Devils Tower

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind

Devils Tower gained fame as the alien contact site in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Here are tips for visiting this amazing monument.