Best Order to Watch the Marvel Movies Through 2019

(Updated 7/29/19) If you’ve decided you want to catch up on – or rewatch – every Marvel movie, now is a good time to start. Marvel’s “Phase 3” is complete and now we have a long wait until May 2020 for Phase 4 to begin.

This post will tell you the correct order to watch all the Marvel movies through 2019, and what to expect from Marvel’s Phase 4. 

Avengers: Endgame movie poster

Note: In my post on the best order to watch the Netflix Marvel shows, I suggest that you can skip Iron Fist and still follow along the other shows just fine. I’ve gotten some flack for that opinion, but I stand by it.

In the list below, I note a couple movies that I think are skip-able. This is my opinion based on how integral these stories are to the overall Marvel Universe.

Best Order to Watch the Marvel Movies

Captain Marvel movie poster

My order below is not exactly how the movies were released chronologically. It’s my own recommendation of watch order to maximize your understanding of the Avengers story.

  1. Captain America: The First Avenger (Introduces the concept of superheroes and takes place decades before any other movie. Watch it first.)
  2. Captain Marvel (Just came out in 2019, but takes place early in the Marvel timeline.)
  3. Iron Man
  4. Iron Man 2
  5. The Incredible Hulk (Could skip this one. Weakest of all Marvel movies.)
  6. Thor
  7. The Avengers
  8. Iron Man 3
  9. Thor: The Dark World
  10. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  11. Guardians of the Galaxy
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  13. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  14. Ant-Man
  15. Doctor Strange
  16. Captain America: Civil War
  17. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  18. Thor: Ragnarok
  19. Black Panther
  20. Avengers: Infinity War
  21. Ant-Man and the Wasp (Probably the 2nd weakest of the Marvel movies, but there is a bit of info here you need to understand before Endgame. You could just read a recap and save time, though.)
  22. Avengers: Endgame
  23. Spider-Man: Far From Home

2019 Marvel Movie Release Dates


Avengers: Endgame: April 26, 2019. It’s finally out and everyone mostly loves it. Read my full Endgame review here or watch my spoiler-free review:

Spider-Man: Far From Home: July 2, 2019. This movie is a nice wrap-up of Phase 3. I really liked this movie, but was hoping it would have more hints to lead into Phase 4. When you watch, be sure to stay to the very end for an important (and shocking) end credits scene!

And now we wait… The next Marvel movie to be released will be Black Widow on May 1, 2020. That’s a long wait for any new Marvel content!

Moving forward, there are nine Marvel Studios release dates reserved between May 1, 2020 and July 29, 2022.

Here’s everything we know about Marvel’s Phase 4!

Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, also has several Marvel superhero TV series in the works. Read on for more information on Disney’s Marvel TV shows.

order to watch Marvel movies

66 thoughts on “Best Order to Watch the Marvel Movies Through 2019”

  1. madison tsotigh

    Thor Ragnarok should be watched right before Infinity War, also because of the post-credits scene

    1. Bigg Truck Driver

      Shouldn’t Guardians Vol 2 come just before Ragnarok because of the end credits.

  2. Tarik Thibault

    After # 13, Ant-Man, the order should be Captain America: civil war, Black Panther, then Doctor Strange, then Spiderman, then Thor ragnarok, then ant-man and the wasp, then infinity wars.
    Doing is this way brings Ant man to the MCU where he references the Avengers, noting their recent feats in age of ultron where hank pym, sais “the avengers drop cities. Then civil war to pick up where ant man left off in the end credits with Black Falcon and Captain helping bucky barnes. then introduce Black panther as we heard about wakanda in avengers assemble, and Age of ultron where they used stolen vibranium to make visions body. Next we go to find out what Stark has been up to and find that he’s made a suit for spiderman, who just appeared in civil war, so he gets his movie now. Then we get to doctor strange, who gets a phone call while driving about fixing the spine of a colonel injured in a fight. which happens in civil war, so it has to come before hand. At the end we see strange and thor talking about finking odin, so we watch ragnarok next, then ant man and the wasp despite the end credits. because a teaser makes more sense then an entire movie where ant man is just not around for no apparent reason. then infinity wars.

    1. I don’t think you’ve watched Ant-Man and the wasp. If we watched Avengers: Infinity War after Ant-Man and the wasp then the last scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp would’ve made NO sense at all. The last scene is directly related to Avengers: Infinity War. So you need to watch Avengers: Infinity War first and then watch Ant-Man and the Wasp.

    2. Anonymous

      Ant man and the wasps end credits scene is needed information if you want to watch end game. It also introduces the wasp which is useful in the MCU

  3. You should not skip Ant Man & The Wasp! He provides a much needed laugh after all the death and destruction of Infinity War. He brings hope back to the Marvel Universe.

    1. Hannah Donner

      Yeah, Ant Man and The Wasp is actually kinda crucial if you think about it?? End Game literally wouldn’t have happened if Ant Man didn’t come back and suggest the quantum realm theory and time travel. So yes, you absolutely have to watch that one. And honestly it doesn’t matter if you watch Infinity War or that one first because technically in the marvel timeline, they happen at the same time.

  4. I have visited this post soooo many times! Thanks for the list. We are trying to catch up before Captain Marvel comes out. Almost there!

      1. This is what happens when you give anyone the internet…. you lost me when you said the Incredible Hulk was the weakest of the Marvel movies. AntMan and the Wasp was great too.

  5. Bud, it gave a reference of dr strange in the winter soldier and they would only know of him after he became a sorcerer. So dr strange is befor winter soldier, also Thor rah moral is right before infinity war

      1. They mention dr strange as if the avengers know who he is already… why would they know of him if he’s still just a surgeon albeit a brilliant one? If not he would have said “A” doctor strange…. not simply “doctor strange”…

    1. The other Spider-Man movies were not part of the MCU. Only the latest Spider-Man. So the others don’t relate to the timeline or the Avengers universe.

        1. Helpful person

          I would place Venom right before Thor: Ragnarok if you wanted to watch it. Venom takes place sometime in 2018 before Infinity War, but you NEED to watch Ragnarok before Infinity War. It’s basically an Infinity War prequel. Tom Holland will appear in future Sony Venomverse movies, so I’m suspecting it will be a connected universe. You don’t really have to watch Venom, as it’s not in the MCU officially, but I would recommend it. It helps set up future Sony movies that will have Tom Holland Spider-Man. Unless it’s a different Spider-Man costume or personality, or contradicts current MCU events, like if Venom 2 is set in 2020 and Spider-Man is in it, but currently dead and staying dead for another 3 years before Endgame.

    2. Molly schmidt

      They’re not part of the MCU plot. Marvel also makes separate movies, like X-Men and the original Spider-Man movies. I wouldn’t waste your time watching those, though. Everyone knows Tom Holland’s the best Spider-Man. ?

  6. So I’m just curious why iron man 2 is listed before avengers 1.
    Isn’t the majority of the film about him of coming his ptsd from the alien invasion?

    1. Yeah, I retract my previous comment, a friend told me I was thinking of the wrong movie.?
      There’s just to many of them!

  7. Shan Mahmood

    Assuming you’ve seen Avengers Infinity War, I’d think Captain Marvel should be watched after Captain America. It follows the possession of the tesseract from Howard Stark to Mar Vell

    1. Interesting point, Shan. Purely by timeline, this would be true. But I feel like the experience of the movie would be totally different. We wouldn’t already have a connection with Fury or Colson. We wouldn’t understand the role Ronan plays. We wouldn’t even know how important the tesseract is. It’s kinda like with the Star Wars movies… if you watch them in order – I, II, III, IV, V, VI – that amazing moment of the reveal of Vader being Luke’s father is totally ruined.

      1. Exactly! I can appreciate everyone’s opinion, but rookie watchers always think they know is best for everyone because of how a new media affects them! If you are a comic book buff, they way you feel about the shows is definitely different! I hate when people want to push their way of interacting with a media on someone else… Let people make up their own mind. Also, watching the movies in this order totally doesn’t project the evolution of Marvel Studios techniques.

  8. Hey thanks for the list and for the updates from other readers! My Sons & I are going to watch all of these (again) in order.

    1. Joab – that has yet to be determined in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The X-Men are integrated into lots of Marvel stories in the comics, but so far have not been connected in the movies. That will hopefully be coming in the next few years! Might be fun to see Avengers vs. X-Men movie, like they did in the comics!

      1. Wordsmitty

        Shannon in the series The End appears jean grey and professor X, hopefully to be part of the next 9 movies. Unfortunately no silver surfer, no lady death , o galactus and no celestials

  9. Im thinking watch this after Iron Man if you disregard the post credit scene for this movie. Iron Man introduces the current Fury (so we have his backstory already established with CM), Avengers Initiative introduced in CM, and Coulson. We know H. Stark retrieves the tesseract already, and now there’s a line from him to Mar’ Vell with this movie with Pegasus project (which T. Stark pulls files from a Pegasus Project box in IM 2). We don’t need to know who Ronan the Accuser is for this movie because when you get to GoTG you will be re-introduced and it will make more sense what his general problem is (I’m mean, did anyone really know what his motivations really were until you see how the Cree are manipulated and led down a path of zealotry in CM). No we know where Fury gets his idea of the AI plan CM fills in a lot of unknowns from past movies.

  10. I take that back, I think Shan is right. Watch this after Captain America 1st Avenger. You would definitely understand the importance of the tesseract because of Hydras use of it, now you will know that it does more than just power weapons. You don’t need a connection with Fury because he doesn’t show up until the post credit scene for Iron Man (which would be the next movie) and Coulson only had a few moments on screen with CM as a rookie. If you watch Iron Man next, you see him a more seasoned agent telling Tony Stark “this isn’t our first rodeo”…and through CM, we get a better understanding about how deep he understands the rabbit hole really goes. I don’t think you will lose a thing with character development or attachment if you place CM between Cap. America 1st Avenger and Iron Man. But the post credit scene will have to be discarded, but really most post credit scenes in this MCU phase are to get you excited about the next movie…not to tie up loose ends. Just watch this post credit scene just before Endgame starts and it allllll works out….and makes more sense.

  11. Captain Marvel should be watched after Captain American due to the timeline & also because Of Korath. He’s alive in this movie & you see his beginning. He dies in Guardians of the Galaxy. So watching Captain Marvel last doesn’t make much sense.

  12. Michael Parliament

    How is Dr. Strange so far after Captain America: Winter Soldier? During Winter Soldier, in a scene where they are on a roof, they literally reference “Dr. Stephen Strange” as people who they are trying to eradicate because they are a threat.

  13. Sooooooo after GotG 2 they referenced making a perfect being and calling him Adam…. is this in reference to Adam Warlock because in the comics he was one of the main factors in defeating Thanos

  14. I try to watch without the end credit scene cause sometimes they arent in the right place but Hulk should be either before or during Iron Man 2 since IN Iron Man 2 there is a news cast about the fight that happened in the “park” between Hulk and Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth)

    1. Where does the 1st Hulk movie from 2003 fit in? It appears to be a prequel to the Hulk in MCU.

  15. North South

    Decent arrangement. But, seriously, you think “Ant-Man And The Wasp” is the second weakest, and suggest skipping it? It was funny. Funnier than either “Guardian” movie. The story line was solid. The pacing was good. The effects were excellent. The acting was perfect for this kind of movie. Nothing confusing happened. It’s actually one of the most succinct Marvel movies to date. AND, one need not watch ANY other Marvel movie in order to feel they haven’t missed something (because most of movies on this list have leave the viewer wondering about something, which can only be answered by watching THE correct movie, or two, or three, or all). So, what’s ya beef?

  16. Where does the 1st Hulk movie from 2003 fit in? It appears to be a prequel to the Hulk in MCU.

  17. This person is right! The movies in this order flow together so well! I appreciate this! I had never watched a Marvel movie and needed to know when to start and this really helped me out! Thanks!

  18. this is how I like to watch them
    1. Iron Man
    2. Iron Man 2
    3. The Incredible Hulk
    4. Thor
    5. Captain America the first avenger(opens in present day so movie is a big flash back)
    6. The Avengers
    7. Iron Man 3
    8. Thor the dark world
    9. Guardians of the galaxy
    10. Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2
    11. Captain America the Winter Soldier
    12. Avengers Age of Ultron
    13. Ant Man
    14. Captain America Civil war
    15. Black Panther
    16. Spider-man homecoming
    17. Doctor Strange
    18. Thor ragnarok
    19. Avengers infinity war
    20. Captain Marvel (good flash back movie after IW post credits)
    21. Ant-man and the wasp
    22. Avengers Endgame
    23. Spider-man far from home

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