The Walking Dead Comes to Life in Senoia, GA

When you really, really love a TV show or movie, there’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing where it’s filmed. And while a lot of shows are filmed in closed studios, fans can experience many Walking Dead filming locations up close and personal in the charming town of Senoia, Georgia.

Alexandria from The Walking Dead.

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead and have visited Senoia (pronounced seh-NOY – get it right so you don’t sound like a noob!) five times. The tiny town has embraced its TV fame and offers fans lots of opportunities to geek out.

Here are some key points you need to know about finding Walking Dead filming locations, taking Walking Dead tours, and maybe even spotting celebrities! You can also see my full video tour on YouTube!

Tips for Visiting Walking Dead Filming Locations

Are the filming locations hard to find?

When you drive into the town of Senoia, you are literally in Woodbury (Season 3). Drive around the corner and across the railroad tracks (the tracks to Terminus, Seasons 4-5) and you’ll run right into Alexandria (Seasons 5-10).

Scene from The Walking Dead film location.

While the scenery is very recognizable, you’ll want to take a tour to learn all the details you can’t discover on your own. The tour guides are full of exciting stories and insider information – and some have even played Walkers and extras on the show! See below for my tour recommendations.

How much time do you need to visit Walking Dead filming locations?

I recommend at least a full day in Senoia to take a tour and visit the shops, restaurants and museum. If you’re a super fan, stay two or three days, take two (or more!) tours, and hang out at Senoia Coffee and Cafe (aka the Woodbury Coffee House) where you might catch a celebrity stopping in for their latte!

Where should you eat?

Definitely don’t miss Nic & Norman’s! This restaurant is owned by Greg Nicotero (director and makeup effects creator) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon). Inside you’ll find Norman’s photography on the walls and it’s pretty likely you’ll find a cosplayer or two!


Nic ‘n Norman’s serves classic American food that leans toward the gourmet side. You’ll find salads, burgers, flatbreads, steaks, chicken, and fish. Some of our favorite items are the Philly Cheesesteak Fries, Fried Mozzarella, Garlic Pesto Flatbread, and the Coca-Cola Braised Pork Shank. They have some excellent cocktails, too.

fried mozzarella and flatbread

For breakfast or lunch, I recommend Senoia Coffee and Cafe. They have amazing coffees, like the “Dirty Daryl” – a shot of espresso mixed into a chai tea latte. My favorite breakfast is “Hershel’s Hash,” a bowl of hash browns, eggs, corned beef, and a little cheddar cheese.

hash and chai

Where can you stay?

Atlanta is only 45 minutes from Senoia, so it’s an easy drive if you are already in Atlanta for other reasons. But you can also stay right in Senoia at the lovely Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn. There are also a number of chain hotels in nearby Peachtree City.

There’s also the option to stay in Morgan’s apartment from the “Clear” episode. It’s in the town of Grantville, GA and available for rent on Airbnb. A couple rooms were used in filming the episode and still look the same.

Morgan's apartment from The Walking Dead.

The other side is a large living area with five bedrooms, a full kitchen and bathroom. We stayed there, but found it to be a bit grungy with old, run-down furniture and bedding.

It’s also in a very rural and deserted area about 30 minutes from Senoia. But if you’re looking for a unique experience, it’s kinda cool.

Walking Dead Tours with the Georgia Tour Company

I’ve toured twice with the Georgia Tour Company and loved it both times. Their tour guides dress up as characters from the show. My first tour was with “Senoia Rosita” and my second tour was with “Senoia Daryl.”

Tour guide pointing out a Walking Dead film location.

The tour is about two hours long and you stroll slowly around the town, covering about two miles. I loved how the guides had their own stories of celebrity encounters. Senoia Rosita (Mara) was even an extra in several episodes in Season 8, so she’s got stories to tell!

Here are some of the spots you’ll see on your tour:

Alexandria Safe Zone

outside Alexandria wall from The Walking Dead


Woodbury from The Walking Dead

Enid’s Wall

comparison of scene from The Walking Dead and real-life location

Pudding House

The pudding house from The Walking Dead.

… and lots more!

The Georgia Tour Company has been offering tours since 2014 and estimates upwards of 15,000 people take their tour each year. Fans come from all over the world – it is commonplace for each guide to have an overseas guest at least once a week.

In addition to their walking tours, they also have scavenger hunts, food tours and more.

You start and end your tour at the Georgia Mercantile Company – a delightful store full of local gifts, foods, and souvenirs. And the building was used for filming an “Oceanside” scene in Season 7!

Another spot to be sure to visit is the Walking Dead Store. Downstairs you’ll find the Walking Dead Museum and “Abraham’s Army” – the photo op studio of Chris Twellman, aka the German Abraham, who is a dead ringer for Abraham! Stop in and take an iconic photo with the German Abraham and sometimes other cosplayers are there, too. 

Photo with Walking Dead cosplay actors.

Walking Dead Filming Locations Tour With Water Tower Tours

The guides at Water Tower Tours can also show you around Senoia. They offer the option of “wheels or heels” (golf cart tour or walking tour).

After getting up close and personal with The Walking Dead filming locations in Senoia, you can branch out and see some other filming locations such as Marvel or Stranger Things. Water Tower Tours offers tours for both.

Atlanta Movie Tours is Out of Business

You may have heard about other Walking Dead tours with Atlanta Movie Tours. Unfortunately, that company is no longer in business, and I am thankful I got to go on two of their tours in the past. Here’s a little recap of the places we got to see.

Tour guide on Atlanta Movie Tour.

We boarded the tour bus and listened to an introduction by our guide (who was a walker on the show!) I liked that they showed scenes from The Walking Dead on monitors on the bus. This helped refresh my memory and gave each stop more impact.

After a brief tour around Senoia, we rode out of town to several other filming locations. We were given exclusive entry to the Woodbury Arena where the Governor staged fights for entertainment in Season 3. This is where Daryl & Merle were forced to fight each other. The arena is also where some scenes from The Hunger Games were filmed.

Arena on the Walking Dead tour.

The site where the group camped at the end of Season 2 and Rick made his “this is not a democracy” speech.

campsite from The Walking Dead

The Carriage Bar where Hershel fell off the wagon after his barn full of walkers were gunned down by Shane. Around the corner from here is Steve’s Pharmacy where Glenn & Maggie first did the deed.

Filming location from The Walking Dead tour.

There was also a stop inside Morgan’s apartment from the “CLEAR” episode.

And then there’s this iconic wall, shown in the opening credits of the earlier seasons.

Wall from The Walking Dead.

You may have also heard about the Walking Dead Studio Tour. This tour ran from December 2018 through May 2019, but now appears to be closed. They were supposed to open up again when filming completed for the season, but their web site is down and my emails to them have gone unanswered.

But if it does open again, I’ve heard it’s worth your time and money. You get access to the garbage heaps, the Sanctuary, Hilltop, Oceanside, and even exclusive access behind the wall in Alexandria! Some of my friends took the tour and enjoyed it, but told me that they were very limited in what they could photograph.

Maybe they will reopen the studio tour now that The Walking Dead is wrapping up filming for good.

There are also smaller tours, such as the Grantville Dead Walking Tour (site of Morgan’s CLEAR apartment), and Walkin’ Dead Haralson Tours (site of the mill where Merle dies).

For any serious fan of The Walking Dead, taking a pilgrimage to Senoia, GA is a must. These Walking Dead tours and filming locations are so much fun and you’ll leave an even bigger fan than you already are!

Walking Dead film locations for pinterest

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  1. jules waddell

    i am very interested in seeing the sites and all the areas ,when is the best time to go and how much are the tours?

  2. jules waddell

    i am very interested in seeing the sites and all the areas ,when is the best time to go and how much are the tours?

    1. Shannon Entin

      Hi Jules. I think the best time to go is between May and November. That’s when they are filming and you might have a shot at bumping into a celebrity. Tour costs vary depending on which tour you want to take, but they are generally between $25 and $70.

    1. The Georgia Tour Company and Walking Dead Studio tours are handicapped accessible. For Atlanta Movie Tours, you should check with them. They mention on their FAQ that the bus does not have a lift, but they can make arrangements if you contact them ahead of time.

  3. Ruby Cooper

    We are taking on of those bus trips down there and will only be there from 9 am to 10 pm. What is the best way to see everything in such a short time?

    1. Hi Ruby. You’ll have plenty of time! Take a tour with Georgia Tour Company – they have excellent 2-3 hour walking tours that take you all around the town. Then you’ll have time after to go to the coffee shop, Walking Dead gift shop & museum and even dinner at Nic & Norman’s. It’s a small town! You won’t have time to go to the Studio Tour or the other sites outside of Senoia, but you can see a LOT just in one day in the town of Senoia.

  4. Nancy Parsons

    Hey I’m a huge twd fan and I turn 50 the 29th of this month. I thought about going for it. I live in Mississippi so I’d want to try to do it big on a reasonable budget. Any Suggestions on hotels and best tours??

  5. Nancy Parsons

    Hey I’m a huge twd fan and I turn 50 the 29th of this month. I thought about going for it. I live in Mississippi so I’d want to try to do it big on a reasonable budget. Any Suggestions on hotels and best tours??

    1. So I went to Senoia Georgia for the first time this weekend. I am a HUGE TWD FAN. For the most part people were really nice but in alot of instances I got the feeling of snotismn…lol keep me of like the people coming for The Walking Dead were a burden to the town. Just things that were said in passing and alot said by a person who should be representing us seeing as it was a major TWD Shoppe. It was great to see Alexandria even if only from the outside but to me for a town that was only 6 shops and now over 50 with a waiting list to get one that was made famous by this show should have been a little more welcoming.

  6. Hi Nancy – Happy Birthday! (Just turned 50 myself!) I recommend staying in Peachtree City – there are some reasonable chain hotels. Then definitely take a tour with Georgia Tour Company. I think they are best value for the money.

    1. I would love to go an see all of the spots they filmed at I’m a big fan of TWD i watch the show over an over on Netflix..Does it cost a lot I’m a family of 5.. is it also true this is the last season 😪😪

  7. Nancy Parsons

    Well happy 50th to u? thank you I’ll let u know if I go and how it was. Can we take pictures? On one site I looked at said No pictures or videos?. I’m getting excited!

    1. On the Georgia Tour Company tour you can take photos. If you took the Studio Tour they don’t allow photos in some places. If you visit between May and October when they are filming, there’s a 50-50 chance you’ll be lucky and see a cast member.

  8. Nancy Parsons

    Awesome! I’ll plan another trip for then. We’re going to try two days thst should work .Thank u so much for ur help.

  9. Nancy Parsons more question. How easy is it to get tours tickets in person? Or should I pre order them? Ty again.

    1. Nancy – It really depends on the day of the week (weekends fill up fast) and time of year. If you’re going at the end of this month, you probably won’t have a problem since it’s not prime tourist time. But if you can, it’s always good to book ahead!

  10. Loved reading this Shannon! My husband and I are huge TWD fans and are planning to head to Georgia whilst visiting the States in December (from Australia). I’m torn between staying in Downtown Atlanta for 3 nights and travelling to Senoia for a day to do a tour and go to Nic & Norman’s, or to stay in Atlanta for 1 night and maybe 2 nights in Peachtree City? What would you suggest?

    1. Hi Ashley! It depends on the tours you want to do. If you want to do a local walking tour and see the town, one day is plenty of time. But if you want to do a bus tour that goes to other locations outside Senoia, or if you want to also take the Studio Tour, you might want 2 days. But Senoia is a small town, so you can see everything in a day easily. Traffic in Atlanta can be bad, so I don’t recommend traveling back and forth from downtown Atlanta every day. I’d say stay in Atlanta and see the city, then drive down to Peachtree for one night and see Senoia the following day. Have fun!

  11. The Walking Dead Studio Tour website is down (closed down?). I really wanted to go inside Alexandria. Any idea if it will reopen for May 2020?

    1. Hey Stephen. I have asked around and can’t find any definite information. The tour was supposed to open back up when they finished filming season 10 in December 2019. But I also heard that they had some problems with people taking photos when they shouldn’t have. It’s worrisome that the web site is gone and they have ghosted! I hope they open it back up again, too!

  12. Morgan best

    It would be my dream to do this tour,ive watched since the beggining and have watched every season twice <3 however i am in the uk and this is in atlanta,it would be a £706 flight for 12 hours is it worth it ?

    1. Well, you would have to decide if it’s worth it or not. I’m not sure I would personally spend that much just to see some Walking Dead locations, but combined with a bigger vacation, it might be worth it.

      1. I’ll be heading to Georgia from Louisiana for a family reunion around Sept. 2nd. From what I’ve read seems my best bet would be to stay in Peachtree and drive into Senoia and do the Georgia Tour Company. My kids want to take pictures and buy souvenirs maybe even grab a bite at Nic & Norman’s. We are headed to Collins, Georgia and Savannah after that. Didn’t they film a few scenes on Jekyll Island? Was thinking of making a stop there from Savannah before we head home. Also, being that it would likely be Sept. 3rd or 4th that we would take the tour should I get tickets in advance since it is so close to Labor Day weekend?

        1. Your plan sounds great! I would definitely book tickets ahead of time with the Georgia Tour Company. And absolutely eat at Nic & Norman’s – it’s fantastic. I believe the opening of S7 Episode 15 was filmed at Jekyll Island the southern end of Driftwood Beach.

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