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Cars are a big part of the travel lifestyle. Sometimes you need to rent a car, sometimes you want to buy the perfect road trip car, and sometimes you need an RV or campervan to get you where you want to go! I’ve got lots of tips to help you find a car that’s right for your needs.

Fill up your coffee - the Chevy Equinox diesel can go 577 miles between fill-ups!

Is a Diesel Vehicle Right For You?

Diesel engines offer outstanding fuel economy coupled with a powerful, durable engine. Consider diesel if you want a responsive car with great gas mileage.
I loved driving Chevy's Corvette Grand Sport!

I Finally Understand Why People Love Sports Cars

After driving a Corvette at 100mph, I get it. Sports cars are more than just vehicles that get you where you want to go. It's a lifestyle and an experience.
Getting my battery replaced by YourMechanic in my own driveway was fast and stress-free.

YourMechanic Car Service Review

YourMechanic makes it easy and convenient to get car repair and maintenance service right in your own driveway or office parking lot.
Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Trucks, Minivans, and Community in Texas

I've owned Toyotas for many years and have great respect for the company -- even more so after my visit to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas.
The Special Edition "Dawn of Justice" Jeep Renegade at the Batman vs. Superman movie premiere.

My Red Carpet Experience: Batman vs. Superman Premiere

What's it like to attend a movie premiere, walk the red carpet, and go to the after-party? Here's my experience at the premiere of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Tips for visiting the New York International Auto Show

I Won Tickets to the New York International Auto Show – You Can, Too!

What to expect and why you want to go to the New York International Auto Show!
GMC Yukon Denali Hybrid

Road Tripping in GMC’s Denali: To DVD or Not To DVD

GMC's Yukon Denali is a luxury SUV that has all the amenities to make a driver and passenger feel pampered. But when it comes to traveling with kids, do DVD players keep them from fighting? Do they keep parents sane in the car?
Impala Designer Crystal Windham

Chevy Impala’s Style and Flow

Between homeschooling and road-tripping, I'm in the car more than ever. And I'm realizing that the car I drive is as much a part of my personal style as it is my lifestyle. I loved the Chevy Impala's gorgeous leather and wood accents, double sunroof, backseat AC plug, and hidden storage space behind the navigation panel.