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Families homeschool in a variety of ways, and learning through travel is one excellent way to give your children an incredible educational experience. Some call it roadschooling, others homeschool part-time while traveling, and some just want to learn more about where they vacation. Here are some ways to incorporate learning into your travel.

Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's home in Charlottesville, VA.

Instant Itinerary: Things to Do in Charlottesville, VA

Looking for things to do in Charlottesville, VA? With food, wine, historical sites, parks, and more, here's a four-day itinerary to help you plan your visit.
Musket drills, Washington Crossing

Experience George Washington’s Christmas Crossing of the Delaware

Every December, Washington's historic crossing of the Delaware is reenacted at Washington Crossing State Park in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. During the reenactment, the park hosts many fascinating displays and demonstrations. Families can tour several historic buildings on the grounds and learn about blacksmithing, colonial games, candle-making, quilt-making, cooking, crafts, musket-firing drills and more.
Exploring Arizona's Meteor Crater

Arizona’s Amazing Meteor Crater and Nearby Flagstaff

Meteor Crater near Winslow, Arizona, is the world’s best-preserved meteor impact site. It’s quite an impressive sight when you walk out to the rim of the crater.
Moose trail snowshoeing

Snowshoeing and Maple Sugaring at Smugglers’ Notch, VT

Whether it's snowshoeing, touring sugarhouses, or maple-themed dining, you can get a front row seat to the maple sugaring process at Smugglers' Notch Resort in Vermont.
Biltmore Estate

Visiting the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, is America's Largest Home and a fascinating glimpse into high-society life. With a farm, winery, shopping, and outdoor adventures, it's a perfect family destination.
Touring Gettysburg, PA

Review of Roadschooling, The Ultimate Guide to Education Through Travel

Roadschooling: The Ultimate Guide to Education Through Travel offers prime examples of how traveling with your kids can be the perfect implementation of a learning lifestyle.
Meeting dogs in Colonial Williamsburg

A Day in Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is more than a place to learn about American history. We made friends - human and canine.

InSite Gettysburg iPad Tour {Cassie’s Corner}

My favorite part of the day was climbing on the rocks in the park. I also really liked how the iPad showed you the battles that happened in the spot you were standing.
Devils Tower, Wyoming

Enjoying the Great Outdoors at Devils Tower

When you approach Devils Tower, the rocks beckon you. My daughter and husband scrambled up the boulders, while my son and I set out on the Tower Trail.
Field Station: Dinosaurs in Secaucus NJ

Field Station: Dinosaurs in NJ is Interactive, Musical, and Educational

Field Station: Dinosaurs brings you back in time with animatronic dinosaurs and a roaring good time!
Lock 18 Erie Canal Herkimer NY

Instant Itinerary: Road Trip to Herkimer, NY’s Diamonds and Canals

Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Herkimer is home to the Herkimer Diamond Mines and award-winning KOA campground, as well as Lock 18 of the Erie Canal.

How to Plan a Successful Family Road Trip: Car Games

Regardless of the exciting activities you have planned on your road trip, there will be stretches of time "enjoying" one another's company in the car. Here are my favorite ways to pass the time.
Aerial tram, Squaw Valley

Getting Up the Mountain: Squaw Valley’s Aerial Tram

I never knew the difference between a tram, a gondola, and a funitel until I came to Squaw Valley. Heck, I never even heard the word funitel.
snowball fight at squaw valley

International Snowball Fight at Squaw Valley

An impromptu snowball fight on the slopes at Squaw Valley led to a conversation with a young, Russian girl and a memory my daughter will not soon forget.

11 Days On the Road: The Highlights

My family's 11-day road trip across America is complete! We started in New Jersey and are now living on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in California. Here are the highlights, Instagram style.