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Snowcat skiing adventure at Powder Mountain, Utah

When Adventure Goes Awry

Taking a snowcat up to the top of Cobabe Canyon at Powder Mountain, Utah, I knew I'd be able to handle the terrain, even if it wasn't a graceful run. And it definitely was not.

I Met the Woman I Want to Become at Woodward Copper

While the physical part of my visit to Woodward Copper was challenging, it was the mental part where I grew the most.
target practice

Love and Guns: Fire Up Valentine’s Day

Bored of dinner and a movie on Valentine's Day? Check out your local shooting range. I can't think of a better way to spend a romantic day.
Disney marathon

Destination Fitness: My Travel and Personal Goals for 2015

It's the time of year when I make plans, set goals, and reflect on the past year. In many ways, this was the best year of my life. But in other ways, it's been my biggest backslide in decades.

The Importance of Overseas Travel with Kids

Here are five reasons why travelling overseas with kids is – in my book – a must.
Sand dunes in Cape Cod

Far To Go

For some reason, this seemingly innocent poem has stuck with me year after year, and has managed to shape how I think about myself.
snowball fight at squaw valley

International Snowball Fight at Squaw Valley

An impromptu snowball fight on the slopes at Squaw Valley led to a conversation with a young, Russian girl and a memory my daughter will not soon forget.

11 Days On the Road: The Highlights

My family's 11-day road trip across America is complete! We started in New Jersey and are now living on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in California. Here are the highlights, Instagram style.
Cadillac Ranch

Notes from the Road: 10 States, 2,172 miles, and 6 GB of Data

My family has just embarked on a road trip across the country. This has been a dream of mine for many years, and so far, it's even better than I expected.
travel turns you into a storyteller

Travel to Learn, Connect, and Slow the Passage of Time

Traveling and personal growth go hand in hand. This year I'm embarking on an epic cross-country road trip that will challenge me to slow down, learn and connect with others.
Virginia Beach Shamrock Half-Marathon

What Drives You to Travel?

Travelers are increasingly looking for action and adventure as opposed to relaxation. Safaris, river cruises, glamping, ecotourism, and wellness vacations are on the rise, but people also travel for sport, music, and more.

2012 Travel In Review

While I've always enjoyed traveling, the past year was the first that I embraced travel as a passion and looked at every step beyond my front door from a travel writer's perspective. It's pretty amazing to view your travels in that manner. It's not just a vacation, day trip, or field trip, but a way to experience more in life, learn more about myself, and share that with others.

It’s 3AM and I Can’t See a Thing

Traveling by train, at night, through West Virginia and Kentucky leaves one with very little to see and spotty cell service. I’m entertained, however, by seeing all the positions people sleep in on a train.