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Squaw Valley 20 Years Later

We're so happy we could return to Squaw Valley after 20 years and share this magical place with our children, and we can't wait to come back again (and again!).

How to Plan a Successful Family Road Trip: Car Games

Regardless of the exciting activities you have planned on your road trip, there will be stretches of time "enjoying" one another's company in the car. Here are my favorite ways to pass the time.
packing for a road trip

How to Plan a Successful Family Road Trip: Packing and Safety

You probably don't need half of what you want to pack for a family road trip. Pack light and be sure your car is safe for the road ahead.
road trip itinerary for kids

How To Plan a Successful Family Road Trip: Planning an Itinerary

I love planning road trips and I know how to plan, pack, stay safe, and make sure everyone has fun. Here's what I've learned to make your next family road trip your best yet.
Cadillac Ranch

Notes from the Road: 10 States, 2,172 miles, and 6 GB of Data

My family has just embarked on a road trip across the country. This has been a dream of mine for many years, and so far, it's even better than I expected.
travel turns you into a storyteller

Travel to Learn, Connect, and Slow the Passage of Time

Traveling and personal growth go hand in hand. This year I'm embarking on an epic cross-country road trip that will challenge me to slow down, learn and connect with others.

10 Days Until Christmas – 10 Gift Guides For Travelers

It's crunch time. Just ten days until Christmas. Whether you are still looking for that perfect gift - or you need a quick secret santa or stocking stuffer - you'll find inspiration in these ten unique gift guides.
Copper Mountain

Where, Why, and How to Ski With Your Family This Season

It's finally (finally!) feeling like autumn here in the northeast, and winter vacation planning is in full swing. If you need any incentive to plan a ski vacation with your family this winter, consider the advice of the experienced Back to Ski team, and check out these posts.

Buy Yourself a FlipBelt for National Running Day – and Everyday

The FlipBelt is a sleek, stretchy belt that fits flat around your hips and holds all the essentials you need on a run. It's also great for travel!

How To Use Evernote to Capture Your Travel Memories

Evernote is one of my favorite apps to use when I'm traveling. I struggle with constantly wanting to note and photograph everything I do - often at the expense of actually experiencing what I'm doing. And I don't always want to let the whole world know I'm out of town.
Black Tie Ski Van

Making Family Skiing Easier with Ski Rental Delivery

Black Tie Ski Rental arrived at our vacation home in a van stocked with ski equipment of various sizes and brands. They spent time with each person in our group (a total of 11 people) to make sure everyone got the right fit. But I wasn't waiting around in any lines. I gave them my boot to be fitted to the rental ski bindings, then I was off to finish my chicken pot pie.
Planning a family ski trip

Planning Your Family Ski Vacation: Where To Go?

The first step in planning a ski vacation for your family? Choosing a ski resort. Here are five considerations to get your skis pointed in the right direction.